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my reasons to write this article are several, but I can understand my needs and passion to write it.

* This is not academic writing its more what I like to introduce a poofissional writing level 31
This level of writing depends On the self experience of the Person explaining the problem or improvement challenges he is facing and what methods and Solutions he use to Come over the Challenge and finally his input about his experience including what things he would change or redo if he had the Chance to.
In poofissional Writing you are not required to connect your work with reffrences from books and theories or proof evidence from Articles or studies In

Professional writing your proof evidence shall be from real life experience and current and past things that happened in other Organisations You are allowed to refer Your work with prospective views that are made by aacrideted person or Organisation

Professional writing is not a blogging style or free writting style but enhancing your writing style

Professional writing is reflecting always examples from life and History to give more deep meaning for your content and make it much easier for readers to understand your objectives and meaning from your writings,

The structure of Professional writings are
a) Introduction
b) The Problem or the Subject you are reviewing
c) The Solutions or the Desioion’s you had made or problem solving methods and Path’s that you had used.
d) Real life Examples or from where you had been influenced to Solve or review the Subject.
e) Results Of your work
f) Your Own conclusion Including anything you would like to change for better results.

I hope that introduces this style specially for profissionals who are struggling to point their view or send it to public
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