About Dr.Hisham Safadi

Thinking and Believing is the most two words I really appreciate in life , they led me to be very supportive person with leadership qualities , always keen to explore new opportunities in the Health , Education and Enterprise Sectors. I Enjoy working on successful deals and my spare time is spent with my family and fitness practice my core focus is on the healthcare practice management , Enterprising and business innovation MY NAME IS MY BRAND H(isha)M where the H&M is my name Letters I = innovation S = Sustainability H = Honour A = Affordable This is the Principles which I stand for in My Business and Personnel Life

In 2013 when i decided to move to Manchester in UK , I Startup a small enterprise company which is EDGE Business Solutions and Consultancy . EDGE is shaping my knowledge and experience in business setup , risk analysis ,business sustainability , and business development strategies. I am looking to be reached and outsourced by other organisations and startups to help them to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Connect with me on Twitter @hishamsafadi

And Google+ +HishamSafadi

+Hisham Safadi

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