The Day When Social Media Did A Change in my life l #socialmedia #growthhacking #SEO #Bigdata


It is true that in one point you feel Confidence and re-believe in your salf because you start to use Social media where people you don’t know share your idea On Facebook or retweet one of Your tweets or rebloge your article

Most of Us had face a time where people facing you ignore your thoughts or ideas Or even not listening to You

Looking for Social Media as a tool of marketing and business links is not the principle and Core of Social media it was done for Connecting people with each other

Facebook was a platform for Connecting University Students but before Facebook There was ICQ ‘ Paltalk and MySpace

linkedin goal was to Connect professionals together and not a recruting website ‘ before linkedin doe’s any one remember xing

Twitter was created to share small massages between followers and not a news source

Because of Big data and Technology Development Social media had been modified from it’s original purpose and spreading wider

Social media platforms are trying to give you all service in One place

Think about it
for your personal needs you have the ability to post share photo’s share videos and add Friends and Family members
for Your business you can do marketing Campain and getting feedbacks

But Social Media makes you feel that you are valuable to others because they engaged with your posts or Comments.

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