The Role of Social Media for Better Sustainable Strategy l #socialmedia #sustainability #Business #bigdata


“Social media provides the perfect platform for companies to communicate sustainability because it is driven by the philosophy of being transparent when communicating and authentic in what you have to say. Time and time again over the last decade, companies have found—to their cost—just what happens when they try and fool social media communities or fail to respond promptly and transparently to questions consumers ask of them. As more and more companies seek to show just how responsible they can be (and explore how they can make sustainability a valuable business offering) so they will increase their use of social media to build community and promote their sustainability “stories”.”

Many companies think that building a comprehensive social media presence is enough to engage with their customers, but just putting the information out there will not guarantee the quantity or quality of stakeholders firms attract, Morgan wrote.The social media efforts need to be part of a broader strategy and companies need to carefully review the channels the public uses to evaluate its corporate social responsibility efforts and how to reach them through those channels. If not, the elaborate efforts will only result in a big web design bill, he wrote.
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Companies that lead this year’s index include Unilever, Intel, Coca-Cola Company, Philips and McDonalds.This year 273 companies were found to have some form of dedicated social media sustainability efforts, a significant increase on the 120 recorded in 2011. The growth highlights the need and business benefits of communicating sustainable practices to consumers.

For organizations involved in sustainability, social media affords a multitude of benefits including increased consumer trust. While social media can benefit responsible organizations by enhancing their brand reputations, it  is also a platform capable of exerting tremendous pressure on irresponsible businesses.Organizational messaging has been transformed by social media and the ramifications for reputation and brand impact are becoming increasingly obvious

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