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Emotional intelligence is how we handle ourself and our relations through 4 Domains. The Domains are Self awareness Self management Empathies and Skilled Social Relations. Where empathy is knowing what others feeling are. When we combain all the four Domains we got a social skill,

so from where our Emotional intelligence is generated?
The last Circutl the brain is controlling the emotion and the brain shapes itself according to repeating experience. The effect of El had shown a decrease by 10% in antisocial behaviour and Improvement by 11%  in pro social behaviour.

EI is a range of abilities that can be improved either in a man or women leadership although Some research stated that Womens are better than men in empathy and Social skills but men are better in self confidence and managing self stress .

By Developing your El skills you can develop the area where you need to.

Emotional Intelligence is Universal and not modified according to cultures because the fundamental of El is the Same’

we can Improve EI by repeating the same Interpersonal Experience.

EI Can be learnt by modeling specially through mirror Neuron where it activate in your own brain what you see in other person and feel specially in Early child stage,

Another definition of El had been introduced by Robert tearle which state that El the ability to identify ussess and control the emotions of oneself of others and of groups. And EI can be developed and unlikely the IQ

It is clear that the more Senior you come the more role of EI play and your outcomes are driven by EI

Researches shows that EI have an Impact on business, where there is a direct correlation between EI and business Outcome and result
Research had proved that In leadership and Management position which is combined with experience are best productive of leaders success by 40% increase in result also Sales increase by 10%-20%

Our decisions are not been taken by logic alone or emotion alone its by combination of both.Where Rational thinking is the Kickstart for Emotional lntillegeance.

Emotions Convey an message by using emotions to facilitate thoughts and managing emotions to use them for your advantage.
The better El we have the better inform decisions , Predict life outcomes and build Relationships.

To use the Maximum advantage of El you Can support your emotion with body language and facial expansions.

El in leadership:-

study at Harvard business school shows that Customers comeback for people they like 80% because of personality and 20% because of person skills. It had shown that the mood of leader will determined the mood of Organisation

The Harvard business Review mentioned that when leaders don’t liestn the negative Impact On staff and Organisation is too high in such case the leaders social intelligince ability shall be developed . There is a direct correlation between the Emotional intelligince leadership and how organisations are performing.
leaders are in need for other people from inside or outside their circles to define their strength and weakness points to develop better Emotional intelligence valuable info.

Compassion ÷

Compassion is the emotion that one feel In Responce to the Suffering of others that motivate a desire to help . Compassion has become related and researched in the field of positive psychology and social psychology

Authentic leadership and general leadership maybe the key’s to increasing Compassion in the workplace.

Compassion and Leadership:-

Just 34% of Consumers view business chief’s as effective leaders and 35% believes they are effective Communicators. An Effective leader had to have 3 Cores which are courage Compassion and wisdom.
Compassion is the Selfness Quality of Concern for other’s. The greatest leader concern’s for the welfare of others in equal it not superior priority to their own benifit.
For effective leader communication is a key expression of compassion and Caring . Compassion is important Internally and Externally’
In 2012 research had stated that leadership credibility hinged on Combination of open and transparent communication decisive action and personal presence,
With the Crises of leadership and Communication Continuing to have a direct Commercial Impact Another study conducted in 2013 shows that this formula to form an authintic leadership remains as robust as ever and will only grow in importance over the Coming decade


Being a Compassion leader will minimize the risk of being selfish because Compassion will lead you to use your abilities and powers to act when something is not right,


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