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In One of my previous tweets I had asked a question which was Are leaders Born or Made? After my question I look furthure into the people who had favoirated retweet share and Comment on this tweet and Ifound out that people although the question was simple are struggling in determining an accurate answer
The Next point I had asked myself why ? why we cant answer that question ? OR Why we don’t agree on one accurate Answer?
The Reason is The Brain

The Human Brain is an amazing engin it is the Only Biological and Mechanical Organ That deal with assumption and obviousness at the same time with the ability to use One and stop other ” Renie Dicart ”

Each leader had a follower either at work , home or even at Gym . A number of studies concluded that followers are motivated and inspired by their leaders . In Deep followers have the imagination that leaders are superfast thinkers who Can figure a solution for any problem and at the Same time gather all required resources to achive there goals . In my previouse Sentence I am focusing on two words which are super fast thinker which mean they had Extra Ability or Extra knowldgc powered by their brains.

In fact are we as normal persons can’t think as leaders?

Did you read my question ? The fact is that we all can’t think in present always our thinking either in past or future.

John locke ( 1632- 1704) An English philosopher said ” if someone ask you when did you start to think Your answer shall be the time I start to feel’
As per John he stated that the human brain is having limited ability in solving any problem where this problem is beyond the brain ability,
The Majority were beliving that the ability of human brain is articulated since birth without Crediting the gained daily experience .
John focused On understanding the Human knowledge which lead him to try understanding the process of human brain facts understanding.

The Awareness and Conscience was presented by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) He defendead that each person had two versions the first version is the super version and the Second version is the normal version . Persons are deals with daily issues using their normal version .

The first Conclusion Leaders are the Same persons as we are but they had Trained to understand the facts and they are using their Super version personality .

Emanuel Kant (1724-1804) had argued what we consider to be a standard understanding of how the human brain process the physical and emotional concepts and facts within the Surrounding Environment ‘
Kant proposed that after we understand and determined the source of knowldge including the limitation of human knowldge we shall foaiseon How do we know things as they are? The Answer was that the human brain knows things the way brain choose to.
As an example if the brain is prepared to think about a choosen subject and the brain choose to think by using solving problem mode the result of the thinking will be what are the solutions for this subject.
Kent Conclusion was that not all subjects Can be thought by one mode of thinking . You can’t separate the mode of thinking from personal experience and Emotion’s .
Kent stand to use brain and Experience in Solving and thinking process . He aurged that using brain only without experience will not lead for results it will lead for illusions .

BEING was presented first by Martin Heidegger ( 1889-1976) A German philisophor . Heidegger experiment about Anxiety had lead him to have better understanding of the Being . He clearly stated that Anxiety emotion is not related to the emotion of fear .
His experiment had lead to the definition of Authentique which mean you are really going to choose where your inner self and go is Controlling your decision .
On the other hand the experiment also define Inauthentique which is the fake term of authentique where you will lead yourself to deny the (Being) by bavardage, Curiosite and Equivoque .

To understand what Being stands for ask yourself the following question

How Do We live our Lifes ?

The human brain can Lead you to a different source of knowldge based On physics, Experiment and Emotion .
But what is the reaction of the human brain if things was not clear and understandable enough ?

In Such Case and situation the brain will activate the Assumption Mode .
To have better understanding about the rule of assumption a small experiment had been conducted earlier ‘ In a group of 10 people 8 of them had agreed that an orage fruit is Peach fruit and not an orange. In your Case you KNOW that the orange fruit is not Peach . By repeating the question every time to the group 8 of the people are agreeing that the Orange is Peach but you can’t confine your brain by time your brain will activate the assumption mode where you start to modify your thinking to agree with the group that the Orange fruit is Peach fruit. Your brain is assuming that the group is correct.
when your brain is not processing information idealy the brain starts to assum that the nearest answer for the same Subject according to the respond and reaction of the same people who are facing the same Subject because your brain assume that you shall have the Same answers like others.

This take me to a main question ? what this hare to do with my day to day reaction?
Brain is processing a huge quantity of information on different level of quality . In each situation your brain will guide you for the best strategy which others may agree or disagree with,

Now Can you ask yourself when do you feel:-
a) Compassion
b) Pity
c) sympathy
d) Emotional (EI)
e) Political
f) Pragmatic
g) stewird
h) Power
In all the above situations your brain will Categorise your reactions and responds into a person who will do something or a person with sense of loss (Griefy)

Amitai Etzioni an American sociologist his work emphasize the importance Joo all so cities to have a carefully crafted balance between rights and responsibilities and between autonomy and Order .

His aurgument was focusing of what a person within a community needs? His answer was a person needs to be famous and fourtune and having a good statues Within his Community
The Community respond for amitai that person within lower profile communities can Spend his life without activity anyof those needs. Amitai ended adding a fourth need which is Vocation, Vocation is the need for career or work where brain will respond to be good part in the community,
The need for vocation is created by brain although other had aurged that some people within those Communities are lake of skills lake of knowldge, lake f motivation and having regress Behaviour. In Result the need for vocation is been created by brain.

In Successful organisations leaders are non famouse Example Do you grow the CEO Of KFC or the Chairman of Audi or the CEO of LG those are Samples of Successful Organisations but their leaders are not famous as Facebook CEO or google owners or Apple CEO.
Nowadays leaders Success is evaluated according to their Organisation Success . the Factors which rating the-Success Is Organisations are the Psycology, Currency, culture, Risk Assessment and do it on time (time),

In conclusion:-
If we understand the ability of our brains and recruit this ability to enhance our learning methods from experience without denying µ role of emotions we will have an insight how leaders brains work and how we Can be the Neat leader in our Community,

By.’- Dr. Hisham Safadi
Inspired by ;- Prof . Mike Thomas

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