Using Social Media for Fundraising (Tips) | #business #socialmedia #USA #Europe #fundraising #HK #UAE #startup


So, you’ve heard through the fundraising grapevine that leveraging social media increases fundraising totals by up to 40%–and now you’re ready to get social!Great, because we’ve come up with 7 awesome ways to use social media for fundraising that go beyond the standard “ask for donations” and “publicize your events/campaigns”…1. Use What You’ve GotMany people start fresh when opening social media accounts, but this is too much work. Instead, leverage the resources you already have like email-marketing lists, your email contacts list, and lists of volunteers and donors.2. Identify your Organization’s Personal and Professional ValuesBefore going hog-wild friending people, following companies/brands and joining groups—be sure to understand your organization’s values. Decide what types of companies and organizations you want to align with and what types of people you want to try to friend.3. Listen—Then Do Something About ItFar too many companies and non-profits use Facebook and Twitter as podiums instead of what they really are—incredible opportunities for interaction. Not only can you get fabulous interaction through social media you can also drive connections and build and maintain relationships.4. Show the Impact of Gifts and DonationsWhile we all donate for the sheer benefit of the cause, it makes us all warm and tingly when we are shown exactly what the impact of those donations is. It also makes us give more. Think ‘Thank You’ videos and donation impact breakdowns (e.g. for every $25 we raise Oprah will build a school in Guam).5. Empower your UsersPart of building a successful network of volunteers, helpers, donors and ambassadors is letting them help. So, encourage them to raise money and/or promote your cause/event/campaign on your behalf. Some users might need a nudge in the right direction with somewhat specific instructions (Share this to help us spread the word!), while others will spring into action from a simple request for their help.6. Get your Game OnSocial gaming is massive. Just ask Rovio, the uber-rich creators of Angry Bird. Cash in on the trend by creating fundraising-benefiting social games.7. Don’t Forget your Call to ActionPeople want to help, but they need reminders. After nearly every social media post, include a call to action. These can include things like “share this”, “spread the word, please”, “get your early-bird event tickets”, etc.Sound easy enough? Fantastic. Now go forth and get your social on. For one last tip to round-off this list, try hosting a contest. Contests are a great way to drive participation and expand your network of contacts, just by doing things like choosing a winner based on whoever gets the most shares and/or likes.

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