Tips on Leadership and the New Sciense I #leadership #datasciense #bigdata #management


Key Points
1. Order Can Emerge Out Of Chaos
2. Information informs us and forms us
3. Relationships are all there is
4. Vision is an invisible field
5. In order to survive in a world of change and chaos, we will need to:
A. Accept chaos as an essential process by which natural systems, including organizations, renew and revitalize themselves
B. Share information as the primary organizing force in any organization
C. Develop the rich diversity of relationships that are all around us to energize our teams
D. Embrace vision as an invisible field that can enable us to recreate our workplaces and our world
Expansion of Key Points Above As Discussed in Wheatley’s Film
1. In natural systems, order is not imposed from without. It develops naturally from within.
2. We need to have agreement on what we are trying to accomplish and the values by which we are operating and then we must free people up to have this enormous range of behaviors that we know from Chaos theory will look different, but will result in the pattern or shape we were striving for to begin with.
3. We fear chaos and see it as a loss of control, but you can’t get to the feelings of peace and greater creativity unless you’re willing to surrender to chaos and realize it’s part of the process by which life creates new levels of order and understanding.
4. Chaos is the critical process by which natural systems renew and revitalize themselves.
5. Information is the source of all change. Information allows us to change and provides for growth.
6. A living thing can be understood as simply information that has taken material form.
7. Information can be seen as the organizing force in the universe.
8. We need information coursing through organizations as the life blood flowing through organizations.
9. Information is the source of all the energy that leads to reorganization and adaptability. If you block the flow, then you block the ability and potential for the organization to adapt to its environment and to act and react.
10. When people who don’t normally work together are brought together, they create new information.
11. Particles do not exist independently of their relationship to one another and neither do human beings.
12. We are waves of potential moving through the space of our organizations and when we meet up with another person or event or thought, it evokes something and brings forth our potential.
13. There is power and energy hidden in the invisible fields that surround us all.
14. Relationships are the very fabric of the team.
15. This new way of looking at life in organizations can reveal things to you that can give you a greater sense of potency and make you more able to do things well.
16. The newer sciences change our field of vision so that we’re looking and trying to perceive what’s happening in the whole of something rather than in a small part.
17. Order and patterns without predictability – Chaos theory.
18. Vision is a field – when people get a sense of the capacity and purpose and dreams of the organization, then that field begins to influence their behavior.
19. Vision emerges from the interaction, good thinking and good hearts of the people in an organization.
20. We are making up and discovering the new forms of organizations for the 21st century.

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