Managing your Business to success (1) I #failurefighter #startup #USA #Socialmedia #Management


It is true to Manage your business you need to be a good Manager and having leadership skills but adding to that you need the skills and spirit of a successful Project Manager This point where managements suffer to find a good Project Manager

You will ask isnt project management Just a variant on general management ? Yes and No
a lot of similarities but there are engouh differences.Why? Because Projects are more schedule – intensive than most of the activities,
So to Manage your Business of any field or sector to the road of success you need to appoint a project manager or learn how to be a successful Project Manager.

when setting up Your business you will be always under the pressure to meet customer satisfaction and shareholders acceptance for Your services and or products. This task you will definitely separated it to smaller tasks each task is we start of a unique and stand alone Project.

PMI defined Project as a temporary endeavor undertaken to produce a unique Product / Services or result. Another definition from po. J. M-Juran state that a project is a problem scheduled for a solution,

So what is the definition of Project Management:-
Project-Management l’s application 0f knowldge skills tools and techniques to project activities to achieve project requirements / Project Management is accomplished through the application and integration of the Project Management processes Of initiating planning executing monitoring and Controlling and closing ‘ .

what is the role of Project Manager?
The role of project manager is enabler  / got help the team to get the work completed
To run interference for the team.
To get resources that team need’
The role of project manager can be best descripe as a leadership Style where leadership is the art of getting others to want to do something that you bbelieve should be done.
The Planning scheduling and control of Work represent the management or administrative part of the job,

what difference leadership can make?
a) With leadership the team can exceed bare minimum requirement
b) Without leadership projects tend to just satisfy bare minimum requirements.

NOTE:- When Only one person is involved in a project then this is not a Project management. Because there is no other parallel Paths. In result you are not truly practicing project management .

We must know that projects may fail because of the team size and the project manager being wgadto do somelthe w°m by himself not allowing him to practice management,

Part (2) to follow

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