learning of Successful Project Management part (2) l #management #projectmanagement #Business #USA


The Project Manager responsibilities to the project :
* Acquiring Resources : By acquiring the necessary quality and quantity of resources and personal is.
* Fighting Fires and Obstacles
* Leadership and Making Trade-off

The Conclusion is the Project manager is responsible for acquiring the human resources and material resources needed by the project ‘ The project manager is also responsible for exercising leadership, fire fight and dealing with obstacles that impede the project progress. Finally the project-manager is responsible for making trade off between budget, schedule and specification that are needed to ensure project success . The project manager must be skilled at negotiation , conflict resolution and persuasion

select of Project Manager,.-
a) Credibility:- it means that the project Manager is believable in the technical credibility area and in administration credibility area,
b) Sensitivity:- The project manager needs a finely tuned set of political antennae as well as an equally sensitive sensor of interpersonal conflict between team members’
c) leadership, style, ethics :-

Conclusion:- The Project Manager are closers they also have high administrative and technical credibility show sensitivity to interpersonal conflict and possess if the political Know-how to get help from senior management when needed> In addition Project Managers should be leader and adopt participatory management style that may have to be modified depending on the level of technological sophistication   The Project Manager shall have the skill of ability to direct the project in an ethical Manner,

part 3 to be published’

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