Project Management : How to make sense of Randomised Controlled Trials | #projectmanagement #business

image Three broad issues need to be considered when appraising the report of randomised controlled trial ● Is the trial valid ? ● What are the results? ● Will the result help locally ? The following 10 questions are designed to help you think about these issues systematically A) Screening Questions : 1- Did the study ask a clearly-focused question ? 2- Was this a randomised controlled trial (RCT)? 3- Is it worth continuing ? B) Detailed Question : 4- Were participation appropriately allocated to intervention and control groups ? 5- Were paticipants , staff and study personnel blind to participants study group? 6- Were all of the participants who entered the trial at its  conclusion? 7- Were the participants in all groups followed up and data collected in the same way ? 8- Did the study have enough participants to minimise the play of chance ? 9- How are the results presented and what is the main result ? 10- How precise ade these result. 11- Were all important outcomes considered so the result can be applied ? For more info pleasd look into Public Health Resources Unit , England (2006) ADPTED FROM GUYATT GH , SACKETT DL AND COOK DJ Tags Leaders , Leadership , Transactional , analysis,  emotional , intelligence , Ras , Al , khaimah , rasalkhaimah,  dubai , UAE , USA , UK , China , India , Entrepreneurs , startups , london , salford, university , Manchester , management , project managers , projectmanagement


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