Me Leadership TA & Emotional Intelligence


The Me Leadership is enhancing your brain ability to think more about your self as a Leader

# Why your name is imoprtant ?
2- Lack of recognition is undering valued of yourself

# As a leader you Responce and Act according to Ethical Situation , Solving Problem and Decision Making

# What is the cost of feeling ?

– Demonstrate Emotions and Measuring Emotion

# The Faulier or Success Feeling is a personal satisfaction

Check the International Institution of Transactional Analysis

# Transactional Analysis (TA) Categories are :
1- Parent Ego (P)
2- Adult Ego (A)
3- Child Ego (C)

# The Child Ego is covering two other classification the Childlish and Childlike

# The TA Autonomy are Awareness , spontaneity – Intimacy

# TA in Organisation:
– P : Parent Ego state – Borrowed
– A : Adult Ego State – Here and Now
– C : Child Ego State – Old Experimental

# Recognising Ego States :
1- Behavioural Diagnosis
2- Social Diagnosis
3- Hostorical Diagnosis
3- Phenomenology Diagnosis

# Functional Ego States

# Structural Analysis is About the content of the ego state

Nuturing Parent       (P)         Controlling Parent [Positive and Negative Controlling Parent]
Adopting Child          (C)         Free Child

# Contamination States :
– Parent Contamination
– Child Contamination
– Double Contamination

# The model of emotional intelligence is :
1- Social awareness
2- Social skills
3- self awarness

# what trai’s you have as a leader ?

# Search for Abraham Masows Hierarchy of Needs

#The Path after born :
– No choice nature
– Education
– Environment
– Relationship
– Media

# You are layered as Individual /// what layer me as a person ?

# Are Leaders Made or Born ?
# Values can be change so people can be motivated

# Left side of Brain is the Logical Side
    Right Side of Brain is the Creative Side

# What is your attributes?

# We change our behaviours to maintain professionalism

# Emotional Feelings and relation to the ego

**** Looking Glass Self
# First follower – leadership lessons stabilize and enlarge check it on youtube

# The first follower is the most important follower for the leader

# Strongest Influences on us and on ourselfs – self concept

# check looking self glass – charles on Youtube

# The conscious element of brain ( Freud 1960 )

# Ego = Self esteem , idintity
# ID = Naughty Part challenging your self
# Super Ego = Sensable Side

# Malan 1979 triangular


# Defence behaviour mechanism is driven by anxious

# effictive leader will take your anxiety gather information and try to solve it up

# non effective leader will not bother

# Anixus affect performance and personal lifestyle

# The concept of psychoanalysis writers are Freud , Breuer , Reich and Klein

# Fraeud state the psychoanalysis is a science of mibd , memory , consciousness and unconscious

# Repress means to push down or beneath

# Transference means to move over or carry cross

# Carry Over is a past experience in terms of places , persons or objectives significant of that situation

# The Triggers are things that remaind you about significant past experience

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