Arab Comdies Shows On YouTube : Pentration of Red Lines

Arab Comedy Pic 

In the past 11 month I were spending my free time on youtubesearching about trending videos that been uploaded by the different channels , at the beginning I were not intresting to keep doing this but by time I had going daily into the world of youtube as a media platform

Despiting the fact what powerful tool is youtube and how you may use it but the fact about how talented yought persons in the arab world had done the best use of youtube to penetrate the red lines in our Arab Culture was remarkable , although I don’t agree with all what been publishing but I have to pay the respect for their efforts

Critically I can manage to identify the main objective of those programs which is Addressing , Discussing , Identifying problems , Try to Change the current unacceptable situations in the surrounding communities and societies  using Comedic , Black Comedic and satirical style

The Respond of the You Tubers towards those programs was remarkable some channels and programs reaches over one million of subscribers and others over 10 millions views

In My Openion  the cridites went for at the start to The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour  a comedy tour featuring four Middle Eastern comedians and special guest comedians. The tour’s name is derived from a speech by US President George W. Bush which designated Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the “Axis of Evil“.[1] The tour started on 11 November 2005. Those were the first to introduce to the middle east commu power of change using comdy and making fun about our habbits and behaviours in the Arab World and Middle East , Despite the fact the well organised and fund tour but they were the first to highlight the comedy as tool o combine the need for a change and brightening the normal day to day life style of Arabs to western countries and US .

Al-Bernameg literally “The Show”) was an Egyptian news satire program. The show was hosted by Bassem Youssef on the free-to-air channel Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC MASR) and its reruns are aired on Deutsche Welle (DW); it was formerly broadcast on the satellite channels Capital Broadcast Center (CBC) and ONTV EGYPT. Bassem Youssef announced on 2 June 2014 that the show was cancelled.

Its satirical style, willing to poke fun at powerful personages across the political spectrum, has led the press to compare it with The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart, which was the inspiration for the show

The Pervoiuse Paragraph I had copied it from Wikipedia as the Official Definition of the Program One of the most papoular progras on Youtube and TV Satalites before the cancellation of the program . The program was combing between political satire and cultural satire which been accepted by over millions of followers euther on Youtube and TV Satilaites . The program started broadcasting using Youtube platform and with the massive success had been upgrading the Model to broadcaste through stalite TVs where better Budget and organizing tools was furnished to the program team which been expanded with talented editors and producers . The Program after certain type of pressure could not retrieve to the starting point after the huge media impaction on the Program there were no point of restarting from the beging as the value of the program shall determaine the quality of their show end products and watchers will not accept less than the best from the Program

The sequence of events which was the lin of the Program is holding a motivative idea that Dreams can be true , Hard Working will give a result one day and No Impossibles . The Prgram was a turing point for other you tube programs to raise up

Joe Tube program is a satirical political comedy program, started on Jan to Aug 2013- it was depend on the irony of the elite in Egypt and the opposition, which opposes the ruling regime ONLY for the opposition !

Joe Tube is another program with over million subscribers that discussing the polictical current situation in Egypt , although you can not find the talent or skill development in the role of the producer or the hoster , but the massage from Jeo Tube was reflecting the simplicity of the Street Man in Discussing and thinking about the daily political issues .

In another part of the Arab World specifically in Jordan a private stallite channel named ROYA TV had take a step forward to support and produce a series of Comedy Sketches under a full program named One and Half Hour of Comedy

The Objective of the Program was togather the best Jordenian Talents to record and act infront fof cameras . The Objective Model had been developed to reach a point where they starte to produce a daily series and weekily series of comdy shows . In Particullar those are not comedy videos Only but yts a combinations of comdy sketches , news commentary and Aurgeing cultural behaviours in the Jordanian Society

Tasweesh Wadeh ( Clear Interferance ) A Comedy News Comedy Commentary Show . The Team are a subsidiary of Fog Al Sada Daily Show ( Above Sweet Show ) . After the Success of Fog Al Sada Daily Show which discuss and highlight the jordenian society behaviours on their daily lifestyle where the concept is trying to make fun on this daily habbits and lead a change for better in the jordenian society behavoiurses  the Team had developed a new series of weekly comedy show that penetrate the daily news on the national and international level with posting the team view on those news issues in a comedy style.

ROYA TV had also patronage two Palestenian Comedy shows that been recording in West bank the First is Fenjan Al Balad ( Country Cup ) produced by Abdulrahman Al Zaher a talented palestenian producers . the Show isbasiclly depending on short story tell converted to watching video clip the ingrediance is a combination of black comedy with the current political issues including to that the difficulties facing the palestenians on their daily life .

Belshakloob ( Upside Down) is a subsidiary program from Fenjan al Balad ( Country Cup ) the show is depending on face to face conversation with the Man Street in West Bank about non sense issues that are not happening or immposible to believe for Peoples in West Bank , The Massage from the program was clearly pointing to show the world how much the people in Palestain are in need for freedom and the right to dream about their boardered country in a comdy style.

The Palestenian TV had patronage Bas Ya Zalama Satnd Up Comedy Show ( Stop it Man Stan Up Comedy Show ) to Broadcast through the satilite channel of Palestain ) The Team are from Gaza and they usethe comdy to highlight the living circumintances of the people in Gaza in a comedy style also they are developing cultural sketchs empowered from the Lifestyle of pople in Gaza

In addition the Palestenian TV had also patronage Watan 3a Watar Show ( Country on Tendon ) the show is expressing several issues developed in the palestenian society and at changes had been implemented In the last decades . The team of the Show are unique in using the old tradition of the palestenian nation combing it with the available technologies for their shows .

the Motivation did not stop and will not stop ,,,, where is motivation there will be a try for a better change

In Sadia Arabia Several Shows on Youtube had been produced some had jain the respect of the viewers and oters ddnt convenes the viewrs by the idea of the show

Error Show a show produced by a group of talented yought discussing the cultural and society behaviours in saudia Arabia in comdy flavoure , the show is targeting the majeroty of the poupulaions highliting the opposte side of life matters . The Team of Error Show are develing thr sketches depending on the daily life style of the Saudi Community .

Pampy ( The Colour is Pink ) is a starting show on Youtube recently had been funded from community supportive organistion to keep producingtheir series where they depened on fantasy world scense to implement the effect of the Ideas that are spreading in the Saudi Culture but still not accepted by the tradition and cultural mentality . The Smartness of the show producers that they create a large space of freedom in their show describing their point of view on how uncontrolled freedom can cause problems .

At the END I believe that those shows , producers , actors and Patronage’s are really had penetrate the red lines that we were not accepting to discuses it previously in a way that in a minimum point can draw a smile of the faces . and at the maximum can motivate us to do a change starting with ourselves , family , friends , neighbours and community . The shows are reflecting a new method of peaceful change without having a fear of what can happen next . a 0.000000001% change is a huge change . if I start to clear my food plate that is a change for goodness . My view words are not in related to the political issues heading the middle east and the world , but I am supporting the change in the mentality and the way of analysing things and issues .


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