This is not an academic article or skills development method or a marketing strategy this is only what’s coming up in my mind and my brain

May Be you like it or maybe not but SOMETIMES you like to read Others thoughts and ideas

SOMETIMES i am asking myself do Messi is more popular than others players … Maybe he is more talented but also others players are talented too

SOMETIMES I am wondering why do patients needs to wait so long to meet the doctor … is it that really difficult? Do not we have enough Doctors or equipment’s ?

SOMETIMES I look to people in the street HOMELESS and thinking why they don’t have homes ? what was their parents doing in the past to make him reach that level ?

SOMETIMES when I watch group of children playing I start to imagin what future they will be facing with all this hate , wars , struggles and racism in the world ?

SOMETIMES when I read that there is a rich man bought a Car for multimillion USD , did he think about the number of children’s that suffer from cancer and half of this car price can support researches fighting cancer

SOMETIMES when I found out that a Dentist is looking for a job ? Why Do Health Authorities didn’t think how to use this dentist ?

SOMETIMES I feel proud when a politician support the people rights in good living , health and freedom , Why Other Politician don’t do the same ? What they are going to loss?

SOMETIMES I go down to the earth to have a better understanding about the reality which we are living . But Do is it really means that we accept our reality ?

SOMETIMES I liestn for people asking for a change? But Did they really think about the next step?

SOMETIMES I Agree to loss part of my Freedom and exchange it for the safety of my Children

SOMETIMES I feel to do nothing SOMETIMES I want to support SOMETIMES I need to be lonely SOMETIMES I feel proud of others glory

SOMETIMES I need to be famous and SOMETIMES I want to be known less

SOMETIMES I think about a one million Bank Account and SOMETIMES I believe that I can reach it

SOMETIMES Motivation is important for me but I can be me



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