Businesses Leads the Change – Critical Review


business view

For most of the business men they are concerning a large oversight of their business as owners or managers

What they deal with is the daily business operation, products and services quality, marketing and sales, refining their business strategies and plans.

Now it is not a hidden fact that businessmen are targeting new opportunities and new markets for their companies’ products and services either by competing other similar products or by introducing their new products, services and technologies to these markets.

With the new open markets rules and the countries set strategies to diverse the income resources of the countries national treasuries not depending on the non-lasting income resources such Oil , Gas , Mineral Resources and Natural Resources , this strategies needs a plan to serve the main objectives where the resistance of change still chilling into the system to prevent any changes shall be done into the current system unless a full release of power to enforce this changes that serve the nation objectives.

With the Set of this specific objective there shall be a welling force to lead the changes in the systems to serve the objective and absorb the incomes with a tight monitoring of the outcomes

There is smooth force to minimize the forces of politics affecting the business development which is the main driven for the economic growth – the general idea of politics shall concern into developing two aspects first is to wisely develop and use the nation resources and second to improve the nations income and outcome through trading and business developing infrastructure along the side the system shall be reformed to achieve the goals behind this aspects without ignoring the importance of Security and National Safety

When we think about the business force we need to identify what types of business we are looking for now it is not about classification of technology, services , one time using products or even long life products moving to think about food production or health services. Nether the less the Multibillion turn over companies or very mini business with not 10,000 USD turnover. The Business Force Classification shall be set in my opinion into three types despite the fact of how much large or big is the business.

To Understand How this Classification Works we need to answer the following three questions then we can know what classification we are into:

  1. How much is this Business is Important for the Simple People?
  2. How much is this Business is important for the Development of the Country?
  3. What impacts will result from this business nationally and internationally?

When choosing a business to start up with and or expand your current business you need to set those three questions as those question will develop a better understanding into the new markets or the current market

A Company Like APPLE is an Important Type of Business that any country would like to host their technology or getting an orders for manufacturing parts of their best seller technologies. So for Country the benefits is deeply to recruit more people to work and less number of unemployed people at the same time internationally recognised as a hub of manufacturing facilities. There is no direct income to the government of the country but the indirect benefits are countless. CHINA as a country is one of the Countries which had benefited from this Business Concept

Dubai is the City where they initially developed their own concept and start from scratch. a very fine example how politics are forcing the change for the benefits of the country and people a multibillions infrastructure projects , build a new free trade zones and state of art tourism destinations . As a result the City now is internationally recognised as business hub and tourism destination. The Objective was clearly set by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid to have the City of Dubai on the international map and building a sustainable city for the next centuries where they succeeded to diverse the city income not just from oil and gas. Several Cities had copied and developed Dubai Concept and the Outcomes was really remarkable such as the City of Abu Dhabi and City of Ras Al Khaimah

The Largest Public and Private employers in the world are

United States Department of Defence 3.2 million  United States
People’s Liberation Army 2.3 million  China
Walmart 2.1 million  United States
McDonald’s 1.9 million  United States
National Health Service (NHS) 1.7 million  United Kingdom
China National Petroleum Corporation 1.0 million  China
State Grid Corporation of China 1.5 million  China
Indian Railways 1.4 million  India
Indian Armed Forces 1.3 million  India
Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) 1.2 million  Taiwan

(Alexander 2012 BBC) As we can understand that most of this corporation are on public services but the privates are internationally had expand and lead a change. But even the public corporations nowadays include business unites where is mange the resources and set sustainability plans including strategies and objective that develop the working progress and services.

A multiple Impacts is playing major rules in any changes into those organisations. Imagine that those 10 corporations employs over 17.6 million employees that’s equal to %0.25 of Earth Population and numbers are increasing.

Business is Leading this leads had been brought up to oversight any nation seeking development regardless the religious, colour and traditions of the different nations.

Today The Business Mentality is taking over any concerns and been set as core for any decision-making.


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