The illusion of choice


Did you know , Most of your products are made by 10 Magor corporation only
Notice the vatiety of products presented by every corporation:-
(1) brands Pillsbury, Haogen-Dazs _ Yoplait – Wanchai- lucky charms – Chex- Golden Grahams- fibre 1- OLDEL Paso. Cheerios -Hamburger Helper- Green Giant- VAHNATURE – BUGLES All the above brands are owned BY General Mills USA

(2) Brands CORN FLAKES – special k – Froot Loops- Bran Flakes – Rice Kris pies. Just Right. Apple Jacks- Muslix- ALL BRAN- MINI WHEATS – Raisin Bran. VECTOR- CHEEZ-it . Crisp ix- Kash:- The above brands are owned BY Kellogg’s Usa

(3) Brands Nizoral- Clean and clear- Nico Doom- Nicorette- Aveeno- Neutrogena- Johnson’s baby -Onetouch – BAND AID – carefree. Listerine – stay free. Rolaids- Benylin- Pepcid- REACTINE- SUDAFED- Motrin. Benadryl . All the mentioned brands are owned by Johnson and Johnson Usa

(4) Coca Cola- Fruitopia- Monster. melloyello- DASANI- Fanta – NESTEA- smart water- Vitamin water. including diet version and ZERO sugar Version all mentioned brands are owned by Coca Cola Usa

(5) The brands Milky way-Twix- Dove- Snickers- Mars- M and M – Bounty- Maltesers- ALTOIDS- LifeSavers- Royal Canin- Wrigley. Whiskas- Juciy Fruit- Starburst. excel – Orbit. Extra- 5 GUM- Free dent all mentioned brands are owned by MARS USA

(6) The Brands Pepsi – KFC- Aandw- Pizza Hut – Taco bell- Crispy minis- QUAKER- Aunt Jemima- Ruffles- Cheetos-lays- Craker Jack. Doritos- AQUAFINA- Tropicana- Lipton- Dole- Mnt Dew- 7up- -u mentioned brands are owned by PEPSICO USA

(7) The Brands BOSS-LA COSTE- BRAUN- head and shoulders – Duracell- PANTENE – PAMPERS- Always- Gillette. Oral B- Crest- wicks- Tide. Pringles- Zest- Downy- OLAY. All mentioned brands are owned by Pand G USA

(8) The Brands Vaseline- Comfort- Sunlight- Sunsilk TRES emme- Dove- Axe. Closeup- Knorr – Bertoli The brands are owned by Uni clear Uk

(9) The brands Friskies – Felix- D0G Chow- Parlour-Laffy Taffy- Nerds- Nestle- Movenpick- Diesel- Giorgio Armani- Yves saint Laurent – OMBRGLZ- GARNIER- LOREAL- RALPH Lauren- Nesquik- Gerber. – After Eight – Coffee Mate- kit Kat- Nescafe- AERO – Nespresso -Nestea- Perrier- Nestle-Parelife all the mentioned brands are owned by Nestle Swiss

(10) The brands Crunchier- Kraft dinner. Honey Maid. – Oscar Mayer – Toblerone. – Bakers- Oreo. – Milka- Fig Newtons- Clorets- HALLS- Chips Ahoy- Trident- Clorets- Chiclets- CANADA DRY. – Realemon- philadelphia- Schweppes- Capri-sun- TANG- Cadbury- Maxwell house – Kraft. – Ritz- all the mentioned brands are Owned by KRAFT USA

Do We Really have a choice

* Thanks for FA9 Rian

by @hishamsafadi


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