Educational Leadership in Middle East – UAE Example


The Education Importance in the nations developments is increasing dramatically this is related to the high demand for knowledge and quality of Education ..

The Educational Leadership is a New Lead that Directors of Several Highly Respected Educational Institutes and Universities Around the World are concentrating in .

The Leadership for Education is not only about methods , techniques and ways of teaching or guiding the students but it is also concentrating in defining the educational needs of a specific region and needs to supply and transfer knowledge for the societies by applying sustainable , solid and expandable Educational Model .

The Middle East is showing a potential area for European , British and American Educational Institutes.

A several Institutes have already established branches in the Middle East Region specially in Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Doha and Jeddah . Parallel Others had affiliated with an Established Local Institutes in Cairo , Jordan and Casablanca

But Does Those Institutes had gain success or failures ?

By having an oversight on one of the best potential countries in the Middle East which is United Arab Emirates the Educational Experiment of Establishing International Universities and Educational Institutes has different results ,

The Scottish Heriot University had Established 8 years ago a campus branch in Dubai the Scottish university had plans to sustain their facilities and services in Dubai for long time of period as their branch managing director explain clearly that the Scottish firm had invested a huge amount of investment in their Dubai campus.

The Scottish University had lead a different initiation on the methods which other international educational firm shall follow , where they establish a long term relation with realistic objective on the educational services and educational targets built in harmony with the Gulf Region Educational Needs and type of Knowledge which is required for that specific area .

United Arab Emirates is hosting currently 35 branches of international universities which makes the UAE the Highest Country Hosting these number of branches where Dubai is the most hosting City among Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah

In Dubai where International Universities preferred to setup their branches , the government of Dubai had furnished the international universities who would like to establish a branch in the City with Set of Rules that contain 100% ownership , free tax , Specialized Educational Authority that review the programs offered by those Universities which help in protecting students and universities good well from fraud educational providers

In Regards to the Quality of Education the Government of United Arab Emirates had a priority on the educational programs quality ,In Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah there is a reviewing specialized boards to review the programs qualities offered by those branches , although that differences may occurs regarding the standards and specification of each board .

In Abu Dhabi A well recognized universities branches are established with the support of Abu Dhabi Government such as New York University and Suborn University started since 5 years with an expectations for both universities to fail but they are doing well by reaching Newly Admission each year by 6% .

In Ras Al Khaimah the Educational Initiation was an aspect of a full development plan set for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah that main objective was to reform the Emirate position to be one of the most desired destination for tourism , property investments , industrial investment and Life Style .But when it comes for the International Universities Branches at Ras Al Khaimah still facing some difficulties in applying their Educational Methods although the Government of Ras Al Khaimah was partially funding directly and indirectly those international branches but still the maturity of the International Campus in Developing Stage .

About 80% of the International Universities Campus in United Arab Emirates are gaining success and that’s for two factors :

1- The Educational Leadership Strategies of those Universities with Realistic And Sustainable Objectives

2- The Advantages of Location and Government Support for Educational Initiations

3- The United Arab Emirates Government Strategies which target to invest in Knowledge and Knowledge Transfer

by @hishamsafadi


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