This words had got my attention as most of us will do
Kings Fund had published in 2011 publication Named The Future of Leadership And Management in the NHS (NO MORE HEROES)
It is a report on leadership And Manag meat in the NHS
For me it is interesting how do people, patients, professionals i doctors, nurses and Experts are all spending their time in developing and analyzing the NHS system to get better performance .
Back to the report which clearly goes with recommendations to (1)promote the values of good NHS managers and leaders
(2) Government to revisit their plans towards cutting administration cost by 33% as there is no real evidence that µ l+s is over managed.
(3) NHS had invested in developing management and leadership
(4) Every NHS Organisation shall take responsibility for their leadership and Management
(5) NHS weakness its Failure to Engage ClinicIan in a sustained way in Managment and leadership

The Reports had clearly defined Simply why Management Matter as without management nothing happens from deciding on and buying the weekly grocery shop to designing -building and running the giant atom-smasher at Cern
Nothing effective happens without budgeting scheduling and implementation
Once More the report had a good understanding of the working strategy where without leadership there can be no effective management -because the organisation will not Know what it is meant to be doing -and without good administration management can be rendered ineffective .

The NHS needs to more beyond the outdated model of heroic leadership to recognise the value of leadership that is shared, distribute and adaptive . leaders must focus on systems of care and not Just institutions and on engaging stay and followers in delivering results.

As A conclusion
(1) leadership and Management in the NHS matter and the role of managers should be celebrated and not undermined
(2) There is no substantive evidence that the NAs is over managed.
(3) leaders in the NHS need to be given room to lead


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