NHS AS A Business – Management cost

The Following info and figures I had pull it out from Report published by Kings Fund in 2011

*The NHS in England is a 100 billion GBP a year plus business.
* NHS Sees 1 million patient every 36 hours
* spending nearly 2 billion GBP weekly
* NHS Managers Numbers is 45,000 Managers
* Numbers of managers in England in higher than Wales h- Scotland and Irland.
* There are around 6600 board members of NHS Organisations in the Uk.
* In June 2010 there were 77,000 hospital and health service managers across the Uk
* The Management and Administration cost is nearly 5.3 billion GBP equal to just under 5% Y the health budget (2010) in England
* The Management and administration cost in the NHS For the whole Uk is approximately 8Billion GBP which is under 10% of health budget

Managers and leaders in Healthcare Practice had done a real based evidence progress specially in England although in England there was less number of Doctors and Nurses but England NHS Trusts were seeing more patients and provide better patient care and less waiting time.



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