Leadership in the Middle East


There is a global leadership crisis and a shortage of strong leaders in the Middle East
This phenomenon is resulting in poor performance of the Business cycle.
As thebest understanding for the rule 4 leadership
(1) Developing leaders builds’ human capital
(2) Developing leadership builds social capital

Developing leaders then leadership must be the start point y strategy.

A strong leader Habits Are :-
1- Be proactive
2- Begin with the End in mind
3- Put First things first
4- Think win./win
5- Seek First to understand then to be understood
6- Synergize
7- sharpening the saw
8- Be effective.* el Stephen covey

Research concludes that leaders and leadership can be developed (made) as well as born.

The Identity Iceberg model define Actions and Decisions related to behavior . skills, Beliefs, Values and Identity are related to Environment.

Research has shown that development of transformational leadership behavior offers the best opportunity for maximum positive impact.

To Develope leaders and leadership we shall
1- Close The Competency Gap
2- Measure Your ROI

Business can drive leadership by
* creating the right context
* Adopting the right approach.



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