Leadership And Management

Management as Defined by John Kotter Concerned with planning -budgeting. organising -staffing – controlling and problem Solving. leadership processes that involve establishing directions . aligning people c motivating and Inspiring (Kotter 1996)

I Totally agree w…th the previous difinifion but I would like to add that leadership is the ART of Motivating a group of people to achieve a common goal
It is important to communicate with others and Ensure that the skills are assembled to achieve it.

The Factors that each leader shall consider are politics, customers, suppliers, banks and shareholders.

leadership clearly requires Considerable management skills. leaders shall involves marshalling the human and technical resources needed to achieve the organisations goals-ensuring that the administration needed to do that in place.

In Most Organisations that are grouted on global Stock Market they include the capability of the current leadership to their value -the quality of their strategy set by their leadership and the quality of future leadership and their development

As will as good leadership having a benefit -poor leadership has a cost

leadership make improvements in services and Outcome

leaders promote professional cultures that Support teamwork- Continuous improvement and patient engagmeul-

High performance requires distributed leadership including clinical champions.

succefnll performance requires sustained leadership and leadership Succession that maintain a focus On improving performance.



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