fund Raise – New Idea’s (1) Startup Business

Today I will be talking about new ideas to Raise a fund for your startup Business
For Sure we had read a lot about methods and Idea’s to Raise fund starting from selling your things in your backyard up to Banks and Angel Investor websites
This will not be a single Idea other Ideas will be share throngh my blog
As On general base non of the Ideas is Free if cost there is an effort contribution and as minimum cost is required
we shall all note that The big amount you are looking to Raise the biggest effort and cost will be required .
(1) The Flying Fund Request :-

This is to use your own community to fund Raise and possibly other visitors

You need to print Flyers and posters with power full attraction materials like colours and design

Distribute this Flayers and posters in your community and Neighborhood Supermarkets , cafe’s , pharmacies , Petrol stations and Resturents

Include all your contact geniuen details / Numbers – mail -website and linked in as any may want to check your background

Keep a link for your Ads on your website so people will not have confused

Include Donation and Investor Relations link On your website

In worst Cases you may not get Fund immidiatly and not may reach your Fund Expectation but for Sure you had support your idea with marketing solution that will help you to create an analyzes feedback

This Idea base On Mash Marketing strategy

The Main Diffeculty is to get approvals from the Owners of your community shop’s

Some may say that it will be more easy to distribute those flyers with newspapers Or by Mail …. But Do you spend a minute to read a flyer that you recieve by post

logically and On Evidence Based Researches People who go shopping spend more time in reading flyers and Ads as part of their hobbits to find best products with best prices and / or offers.




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