Think sustainable startup Business


when we read or hear the word sustainable or sustainability we think about green buildings, Environment and Less paper use in best cases electric saving lights and LED
Any type of business will start on aggrissive mission to achieve companies goals and reach profitability in no time
There is a point were business stakeholders and management will be considering sustainability in their business
Business sustainability is a big mission specialty for those companies who achieved their goals and Targets why? because any new innovation or change may affect their company position in some or all aspects
Thinking about the word sustainability it will show a lot of meaning such as
(1)S ; Sustain
(2) u: utilies
(3) s: system
(4) T: Training
(5) A: Ability
(6) I: Identifying
(7) N: Networking
(8) A: Accurate
(9) B’. Business
(10) I : Issuable
(11)L ; listen
(12 ) I : Innovition
(13) T: TuneLS
(14) Y: Yield
NOTE : YIELD is a concept provides a common bond investing metric that let investors compare securities of different kinds and Maturities
According to the above my own understanding and difinition for Sustainable Business and / Or sustainability of Business is (Sustaining Yield Business utilising system ability identifying Issuable innovations by listening, training and Networking through Accurate Tunels* * *
It is important to analyze your business Performance after One year of work and to check your financial statues to apply a sustainable style effort to your business that can protect you and your business from any unexpected business situation
There is a cost to apply sustainability for your business that will occur once you start the process it is not a fixed cost it is an operational cost

*** The sustainability difinetion is been presented by the Author@ 2014 –  @hishamsafadi


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