Startup Lead your business

This is not a new Concept but it is anew element where most of the start upeos are not concentrating on it leadership it is not meat to be only for those who are participating on higher management role or based in big organisations My thought here is not a based evidence but it why we shall wait till our buisness grow up and have bigger responcibilities to start again developing our skills to maintain our professionalism it is advisable to catch all the required elements for a success sustainable business adding leadership Performance to your skills plus the project Management and Business Management skills will add a big value to your starting up business and will affect positively your performance
leadeship and Management are skills and not talent where you need always work to develop them as skills and not set thinking they are gifted talent-for other only
There is no risk or extra time is required to add leadership as concept and style of your management you need to choose what type of leadership concept is fitting your business
As conclusion leadership is a growing needed elements for business Improvement- / Sustainable and Profitability Nowadays Managers are developing their skills by learning about leadership SO DONT WAIT TILL THE LAST MOMENT TO DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS START UP NOW



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