Kids in UK are Raising Funds

uk kids

Yes that’s true two kids Mark and Tom 9yrs old from Manchester are rounding with a paper stating that they are a group of kids want to buy boxing sport equipment’s for their new-born boxing club in Manchester to accommodate training and champions for Interested kids in Boxing Sport

This was an interested experiment for me how far those two kids had a guidance and being brave to face the street and road to ask fund for their purpose

More over those kids do not have access to banks , fund raising organisation or angel investors they have a well and a goal to start having their own place to practice their favourite sport

Looking to the other side of the story our responsibility as parents , friends , mature and professional people to support those kids and encourage them not to block them1 Pound can protect a whole generation of Kids such Mark and Tom

The Lovely Thing in my opinion that they have a good purpose to fight for building and equipping a project that will fill their times and other kids times

Maybe this way of raising funds for Tom and Mark is working very well but not for others



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