RE-START UP Your Business

This is Totally Different than Start up a business plan or project why? Because already you had face and touch the market and had a deep look into the business components in real function either n profit or loss .
The Main Decision for restart uppers is to restart up the same business or to restart up in another field and type of business .
In First what you are Restarting Up is it the business ? or the Owner of the Business ? In conclusion its the both in one condition if the same owner is doing the same business again , but it the owner is doing another type of business thats mean you are restarting up the Owner of the business.
An Introduced Model of Business Planning concerning the elements where the Restarts shall concentrate i will be writing shortly that may help them to determined which element was have the huge responsible for the loss of the business and which elements they shall concentrate to empower it .

20140531-055313 pm-64393785.jpg


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