UK Land of Oppurtunities

I had traveled in the last 10 years for almost 12 countries who are included in the Big 20 plus other starting up and develop countries my little experience had give me a chance as an entrepreneur to explore the business and working sectors in those countries where some of them are copyrighted from other and to other countries
The most successful and rich environment for starting up a business as freelancer or entrepreneur is the Great Britain
I will not rich my post with a lot of complicated definitions and numbers about the GPD etc I will make it as simple as anyone can drew a picture about what he can achieve in UK
You can start from the level zero or even under the level zero and keep growing up until you reach your maximum capacity no need always to grow more and more just to be big or number one in short time
Ideas in UK is Worthing money and a lot are ready to listen to your ideas with full attention
Simply as an entrepreneurs you have the special residence category so you are totally free and legally presence in UK
Fund is not a huge issue of your ideas is up to 5000 £ for higher amounts you need to increase your experience in financing and accounting
Educational material , sessions , practicing and academics business support is available through a huge internationally recognised universities and business schools
A highly active trade commission council to support you
Working regulation is one of the best in the world as you are allowed to be part time or full time employed while having your own business this will minimise your business risk and get you a safety spending boundary
That’s only sample of why UK is one of the greatest place for business start up although there are some disadvantages which I will post later

20140323-102955 pm.jpg


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