Bassem Youssef – Idol Startup Conversion


Dr.Bassem Youssef is the Host and Presenter of Al Barnamej (The Program) an Arabic Weekly Show which nearly have the Same spirit of John Stewart Daily Show in USA .

Dr.Bassem is a Real Idol and Life Example of being one of the successful Startup Business Convertors in the Middle East .

The 40 Year Old Dr.Bassem Yousef Original Path Career is a Heart Surgeon Specialist who decided to get into Media field and present his Weekly program on MBC-Masr one of the Largest Arabic Channels in the Middle East .

On 2011 Dr.Bassem Youssef Started to produce a series of Video Shows and upload it on YouTube using only a Desk , Video Camera and Internet Line getting his evaluation on the Egyption Reveloution on 2011 against the Old Regime in Egypt – which turn on later to be a very rich Ambush Marketing Tool for Dr.Bassem Show -.

He had been offered a contract from 6 digit numbers to broadcast his program through a national channel in Egypt , here he have to choose between his fixed career and job as heart surgeon or going forward with his idea and to develop it from YouTube Online to A National Channel reaching Millions of Houses and Audiences .

Dr.Bassem Motivation and Ambition was very high to take the chance and get involved into developing his program show .

After 3 Years Dr.Bassem Program Channel on YouTube reached over 2 Million Subscribers , over 4 Million Follower on Twitter and Facebook and his show is producing Millions of USD for the Broadcasting Channel .

As a Person , Dr.Bassem is having a better lifestyle , better working environment for developing , enhancing quality of his product and keep growing his base of audience and followers.

Dr.Bassem is one of those Startup Business Convertors , successfully being a landmark in business modeling with his unique ideas about developing his products , where as we know that producing a daily or weekly show is a used idea from thousands of Satellite Channels without including the YouTube channels .

Dr.Bassem add to that he use his skills as Doctor to his new field by being organized , quality control , reality and direct to the point .

As a Doctor he were treating people from diseases and minimize their pains and now he is getting happiness to the people hearts through his weekly show .

NOTES : This Article Had Been Written and Disposed of Information Intended to Simplify The Idea of The Writer and To Reach the Interested Business Startups , Entrepreneurs and Freelancing People in UK and Europe .

To Know More About Dr.Bassem Yousef :




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